MDOps: Giving Physicians Control over Outcomes

Avinash Kodey, Co-Founder & CEO
Electronic medical records (EMR), over the years, have become an integral cog in the healthcare system. While the existing EMR solutions are great patient data repositories, their complexity makes managing patient condition time consuming. Patients with chronic conditions get clinical guidelines directed care only 50 percent of the times contributing to 86 percent of healthcare costs attributable to chronic diseases. The situation is further aggravated by the industry’s shift to outcomes-based payment models and lowering reimbursement rates forcing to choose between patient coverage and outcomes. This has not only affected the patient care outcomes but has negatively impacted the ROI of healthcare organizations. In 2016 alone avoidable hospital admissions cost the industry $17B and hospitals $528M in penalties.

While technology can mitigate this challenge, the sheer volume of EMR data further intensifies the complexity. The burgeoning needs to alleviate such pressing concerns and help physicians navigate the complex patient data led to the genesis of MDOps. This New York-based firm helps healthcare providers gain control of their clinical workflows and equip physicians with a 360-degree view of patient data for smarter, effective care.

MDOps brings technology that can be integrated with various EHRs, optimizing physicians’ ability to analyze patient data from multiple sources for informed decisions. “What makes our technology attractive is that healthcare providers can now control and customize their physician workflows quickly through machine learning for smarter clinical decisions & better outcomes instead of waiting through their EHR vendor’s long application development cycles to solve interoperability challenges,” states Avinash Kodey, co-founder & CEO, MDOps.

By leveraging Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing with mobile technology, MDOps enables smarter clinical decisions without requiring physicians to wade through complex computer screens gleaning through patient information. Through MDOps’ virtual clinical assistant, Mili, physicians can quickly assess patient’s risk of a hospital admission and use voice commands for deeper analysis of patient data and refer to clinical protocols for effective care.

Through MDOps’ virtual clinical assistant, Mili, healthcare providers can now control and customize their physician workflows for effective patient care

While this turnkey mobile application is capable of comprehending natural conversational language and understanding medical terms to support clinical decisions, it can be trained further to ingrain complex tasks per organization’s needs.

It is this end-to-end clinical workflow that makes MDOps an enabler of today’s smarter physician workforce. MDOps’ technology equips physicians with better insights about patient data, and supports them through the entire clinical workflow from diagnosis to creating effective treatment plans to instantly transcribing patient charts—all this without being drained by the complexity of technology. “There has been 35 percent increase in patient coverage by physicians without spending nights/ weekends on administrative work and their patients are requiring 18 percent post-acute care time compared to national averages,” remarks Kodey. On the whole, MDOps does not just provide a physician workflow solution, but also an instrument for reducing patient’s hospital admission rates.

As required by the strictly regulated healthcare landscape, MDOps’ solution was designed and independently audited for HIPAA compliance and other regulatory mandates including security to meet the standards set by ONC (Dept. of HHS).

As the industry shifts toward value-based care, providers are trying to stay viable by delivering effective care at the lowest possible cost. MDOps is steadfast in its approach to helping them achieve their objectives with technology. The firm’s turnkey solution is geared toward a proactive approach, which translates into identifying high risk patients and treating them effectively to avoid expensive in-patient care. And with that vision, MDOps endeavors to make healthcare accessible to everyone by making it smarter and cost-effective.


Melville, NY

Avinash Kodey, Co-Founder & CEO

MDOps is focused on delivering smarter cost-effective care with its virtual clinical assistant