CyberMed: EMR as the ‘True’ Advantage

Jinpin Ying, Chairman of Board & CEO
New York City area based healthcare IT expert, Dr. Jinpin Ying opines that traditional electronic medical records (EMRs) have been developed from an IT perspective rather than focusing on physician’s requirements. Computerized physician order entries (CPOE), billing systems, claim validation, audit trails, tele calling abilities, have hardly been addressed while developing EMR. Dr. Ying developed physician-centric EMR systems leading to creation of CyberMed. CyberMed not only provides feature-rich patient records but also integration of EMRs with telehealth, medical billing, and data exchange services.

CyberMed’s EMRs are real-time, patient-centric records, making information instantly and securely available to the authorized users. “Our EMRs are active, live records which can be integrated with various health monitoring and management solutions” states Ying, Chairman of the Board and Founder of CyberMed. The company’s EMR offering is HIPAA compliant, cloud-based solution, equipped with scalable data hosting, security and back-up features, to allow physician-access EMR from any location, at any time.

Integrating EMR with their own in-house designed and developed telehealth application solution “CDOC”, enables physicians to communicate actively and diagnose patients from anywhere. CDOC facilitates electronic transmission of patient records comprising both medical records and patients feeds on a single system, while enabling diagnosis and electronic prescriptions, instantly.

While other EMR solution companies take a one-size-fits-all approach, CyberMed’s personalized EMR evolves and is continuously updated in response to changes in the physician’s practice. The Management team is vigilant with their analysis of practice patterns, and also, legislative changes. Once the system is developed to the customer’s unique specifications, CyberMed sends the EMR to an experienced group of physicians for testing. It’s only after the customized solution is thoroughly tested that the EMR is finally delivered to the concerned physician. The EMR’s advanced search box facilitates access to patient records by searching patient details: birth date, last name, insurance ID, or any other related information. The diagnosis, codes the description of patient problems, the causal explanation for diagnosis, and the power to execute plans of care with no innate necessity of re-inscribing the patient problems.

Our EMRs are active, live records which can be integrated with various healthcare monitoring and management solutions to drive better patient outcomes

CyberMed is aware that medical billing constitutes a big issue for physicians. Addressing this challenge, the EMR solution is integrated with an advanced billing solution, equipped with SMART intelligence, providing instant insurance verification, helping providers identify patient’s insurance eligibility accurately.

To illustrate the effectiveness of CyberMed’s EMR is their engagement with Community Health Initiative Health Center (CHI) in Coney Island. The health center was experiencing challenges in filing their Uniform Data System (UDS) reports, an annual comprehensive fiscal and clinical report required by the Health Resources, Services, and Administration for federally qualified health centers. Leveraging CyberMed’s intelligent EMR solution, CHI has been able to generate UDS reports in real time. During the process, the EMR was equipped with forecast diagnosis ranking, facilitating diagnosis codes, the number of patients, demographics of patient population, and other critical clinical information, such as: population health, financial, and business management, as well as market analysis, at regular intervals. Armed with accurate data, CHI has become a more effective community healthcare provider and operates a cost-efficient practice.

Other distinguishing elements of CyberMed’s innovation include the integration of a broad range of IoT technology within their EMR system. The company is integrating wearable biosensors. With these products and services, CyberMed strives to provide high quality end-to-end solution to support the entire spectrum of the healthcare industry, from individual providers to major healthcare systems in delivering value-based care that will ensure improved patient outcomes and drive critical cost efficiency metrics.


East Brunswick, NJ

Jinpin Ying, Chairman of Board & CEO

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